Pizza evicted

  • August 2, 2014 14:26

Yes, the Pizzeria Anarchia has been evicted on the 28th of July. 1700 police started in the early morning around 7 trying to clear the barricades and people on the street. At around 10:30 a.m. they made their first attack on a door. Despite the use of a police tank, which was also employed to ram into the door, it took them until the afternoon to get into the first floor, and until the early evening to get the first people out. The last people were brought out shortly before 9 p.m.

All arrested were released until the early afternoon of the next day.

Yes, people lost a house, but it was also shown that resistance can have an effect even against a fully armed force many times bigger. And now, the topic of rising rents and speculation with people’s living spaces is suddenly big in the Viennese public, on the squares as well as in the media.

We are everything else than crushed! We are alive, motivated and in full movement!

We are calling for everyone in Vienna and everywhere to occupy buildings, take to the squares and streets, and start taking our lives into our hands!

A longer statement about the eviction will follow!

At this point, a big thanks to all the people who supported us in so many ways! As examples, we publish here two pictures:

Solidarity banner in Tampere, Finland

   Solidarity banner in Tampere, Finland

Solidarity grafitti from Hamburg, germany

Solidarity graffiti from Hamburg, germany

Solidarity is our weapon!

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