• April 9, 2014 12:11

Pizzaria Anarchia is a squat in Vienna and has been squatted for over two years. During this time we were able to try out many ideas and projects, and to find possibilities to live alternative ways apart of the capitalist system. Lots of people enjoyed Pizza (VoKü), took part in discussions, readings, info-events or concerts and movies in the weekly cinema. Workshops like Book-binding, bike-kitchen and language exchanges took place. Also the pizza-collective tries to help other projects and houses whenever possible. Last but not least the Pizzeria is a room for political action and social meeting place for many, partly away from the capitalist world.

We live here, we have come to know friends, companer@s and aliens; now they want to take this place from us. We will do everything to avoid the eviction of this house- but we need your support! join our „Pizza bleibt- Squat the World„ ActionDays from 20th April to st of May 2014!

There will be a colourful programm with theoretical, practical and creative workshops, building, direct actions, info events, dicussions, concerts,  parties and more! We invite you to our action and to defend the house together. Bit also to meet, exchange our experiences and to network. The realisation of all these ideas dependes on your participation and participartion of everyone. If you have something to add or if you have any proposals for the program just contact us or join us at our place. We are looking forward to you contibution!

We will organize sleepingplaces for everyone. If you have questions or special needs concerning sleeping spaces, of if you can offer a sleeping  place, please let us know:

You can find further information about the situation and the history of Pizzeria Anarchia on our blog. A piece-by-piece program for the ActionDays will follow. If you want to contribute to the program or have any questions please contact us via:


Solidarity is our weapon!                                                                                                      Pizzeria Anarchia stays!squat